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Friend of the Court

  1. Agreement to Modify Court Order Form
  2. Friend of the Court Domestic Violence Screening Form

    Our goal is to provide a safe environment for families with a friend of the court case. We often meet with both parents. However, there... More…

  3. Friend of the Court Waiver of Hearing
  4. Referee Hearing Exhibits/Documents Submission Form
  5. Request for Temporary Reduction/Child Support Review Form
  6. Statement Regarding Alleged Violation of Custody/Parenting Time Order
  1. Friend of The Court Case Questionnaire
  2. Friend of the Court Information Change Request

    The purpose of this form is to provide the Friend of the Court with changes in contact information (ie: address or telephone number) or... More…

  3. Objection to the National Medical Support Notice
  4. Request for Attorney Facilitative and Information Gathering Conference/Joint Meeting
  5. Request to Discharge State-Owed Fees