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Statement Regarding Alleged Violation of Custody/Parenting Time Order

  1. **Disclaimer**: As this website is a third-party entity, the Friend of the Court is unable to ensure that ANY documents uploaded to this website will be secure. If you do not wish to upload documentation through this website, then you may provide the Friend of the Court with your documentation through one of the following means:
  2. Mail to: 100 East State Street, Suite 4100, St Johns MI 48879
  3. Fax to: 989-224-5113
  4. You may also call the Friend of the Court at 989-224-5136 if you have any questions about returning your documents.
  6. 100 E STATE ST., SUITE 4100, ST. JOHNS MI 48879
  7. PHONE
    (989) 224-5136
  8. FAX
    (989) 224-5113
    • This complaint should be filed ONLY when the complaining party requests action from the Friend of the Court.
    • The Friend of the Court will only enforce parenting time as provided in your court order. Agreements between the parties will not be enforced.
    • Our office is unable to take any action in anticipation of a violation of the parenting time order. A complaint may be filed AFTER the alleged violation has occurred.
    • Your complaint MUST BE received at our office, in writing, within 56 days of the alleged violation.
  10. There is a custody/parenting time Order in this case, dated:
  11. If possible, please upload this in one file. If not, please use the additional boxes below.

  12. I declare that the above statements are true to the best of my knowledge, information and belief. I acknowledge that I am requesting action from the Friend of the Court by filing this complaint. I understand that a copy of this complaint and any attachments may be provided to the other party.
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