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Request for reschedule of SMILE

  1. Please fill out this form if you were ordered to SMILE and either:

    1. Need to request to be rescheduled; 


    2. Failed to attend your court ordered SMILE date and would like to be rescheduled.

    **PLEASE NOTE: Filling out this request DOES NOT automatically reschedule you for SMILE. Once the Friend of the Court receives your request, your request will either be approved and rescheduled or your request will be denied.**

  2. **Disclaimer**: As this website is a third-party entity, the Friend of the Court is unable to ensure that ANY documents uploaded to this website will be secure. If you do not wish to upload documentation through this website, then you may provide the Friend of the Court with your documentation through one of the following means:
  3. Mail to: 100 East State Street, Suite 4100, St Johns MI 48879
  4. Fax to: 989-224-5113
  5. You may also call the Friend of the Court at 989-224-5136 if you have any questions about returning your documents.
  6. Please fill out the information below:
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