What is a Day of Review of Apportionments?
This is a time when you are invited to review the records of maintenance and improvement efforts and costs and to discuss your proposed share (apportionment) of these costs. This is also a time to inform the Drain Commissioner's Office of additional maintenance issues.

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1. What is a drainage district?
2. What is a drain assessment?
3. Where is the County drain for which I am being assessed?
4. Why did I receive more than one special assessment notice?
5. Is this the only way I would receive multiple drain assessments in 1 year?
6. How are assessments determined?
7. Do all property owners pay drain assessments?
8. I recently purchased my property. Why am I being billed for work done prior to my ownership?
9. What if I cannot attend the Day of Review?
10. What happens if I disagree with the proposed assessment for my property?
11. What is a Day of Review of Apportionments?
12. What is the difference between an apportionment and an assessment?