Terminate or Modify

A guardianship can be modified or terminated at the request of the individual with the developmental disability or other interested parties. The Court will schedule a hearing upon receipt of the completed Petition. The Petitioner is required to send a copy of the (PC677) petition and (PC562) Notice of Hearing to all interested parties prior to the hearing. The (PC564) Proof of Service confirming delivery to the interested parties can be mailed, emailed, faxed or hand delivered to Probate Court prior to the hearing.

The following document is used when requesting a modification or termination.

PC677 Petition to Terminate/Modify Guardian for Developmentally Disabled Individual - Filing Fee $20

If a termination is requested because the individual no longer requires a guardian or is deceased file a Petition to terminate and close the file. Before the guardian can be discharged, a final accounting must be filed and approved by the Court.

If a modification is requested and a new guardian is proposed the following documents will also be required:

DHS-1929 Central Registry Clearance Request - (one for each guardian)

Guardian Proof of Identity – Complete and provide a copy of drivers license (one for each guardian)

PC562 Notice of Hearing – Court will provide

PC564 Proof of Service – court will provide - For Petition and Notice of Hearing, stating you did serve all interested parties