Policies & Procedures


Appointment of New County AdministratorTo guide the Clinton County Board of Commissioners (BOC) in the appointment of a new County Administrator
Donations Policy (June 1995) (PDF)To clarify contributions and donations which are given and are often collected by groups or County departments for a specific purpose.
Electronic Acceptable Use Policy (2022) (PDF)This policy defines the acceptable uses of Clinton County's technological and informational assets. 
Family Medical Leave Policy (January 2010) (PDF)FMLA policy and procedures.
FOIA Public Summary Procedures and Guidelines (PDF)Public Summary of FOIA Procedures and Guidelines
Freedom of Information Act Requests (FOIA) (PDF)Policy on requesting information that is available under FOIA. Effective July 1, 2015.
General Emergency Planning Policy (May 2000 (PDF))Procedures and responsibilities for responding to certain emergencies
Health Insurance Policy (June 2012) (PDF)To minimize the extent to which Clinton County, its employees and its retirees incur benefit premiums, while maintaining employee and retiree benefits.
Legal Services Policy (PDF)Guide the utilization of Clinton County's appointed legal counsel.
Notice of Privacy Practices (HIPAA) (PDF)Notice describes how medical information about employees may be used and disclosed.
Personal Identification Privacy Policy (PDF)The County's goal is to ensure, to the largest extent possible, that employee's social security number and other personal identification information are maintained confidentially.
Social Media Policy (2014) (PDF)This policy establishes guidelines for the establishment and use by Clinton County of social media sites as a means of conveying County information to its residents.
Waiver of Construction Fees Policy (PDF)Waiver of construction fees policy adopted April 28, 2009.
World Wide Web Policy (PDF)Website design policy and accessibility guidelines. (May 2010)

Facilities & Equipment

29th Judicial Circuit Court Accommodations Policy (October 1998) (PDF)Assure that qualified individuals with disabilities have equal and full access to the judicial system.
65A District Court Accommodations Policy (October 1998) (PDF)Assure that qualified individuals with disabilities have equal and full access to the judicial system.
Access Policy/Procedures for County Properties (Updated September 2023) (PDF)Assure that the county properties are safe and secure.
Building Use Policy (PDF)Guidelines and procedures for the use of Clinton County facilities by agencies, local units of government, schools, and residents.
Cell Phone Policy (2012) (PDF)The Policy establishes the use of a cell phone and/or associated wireless services for county business and who shall receive compensation from the county to offset the cost of the cell phone for business-related calls or who receive a County-provided cell
 Flag Policy
Guidelines and procedures for flying flags at Clinton County buildings, facilities and properties.
Hours of Operation (PDF)Establish "hours of service" uniformity throughout County departments.
Parking Policy and Procedures for Courthouse Complex (2021) (PDF)Regulates parking at the Courthouse Complex. Updated October 26, 2021.
Vehicle Use Policy (2012) (PDF)This policy establishes procedures regarding the assignment of County vehicles, use of County vehicles, and business use of private vehicles.


ACH and Electronic Transactions Policy (October 2009) (PDF)Governs the use of electronic transactions and ACH arrangements for the County.
Allowable Expenditures Policy (PDF)To provide guidance on certain expenditures as they relate to the "public purpose".
Budget Adoption and Amendment Policy (May 1993) (PDF)Policies and procedures for adoption and amendment of budgets on a department and cost category basis.
Business Account Application Policy (Updated June 2023)
Establish adequate controls for processing and approving credit with Clinton County vendors relative to the necessary expenditure of public funds.
Capital Asset Management Policy (Revised Oct 2023) (PDF)Guidelines for accounting for and depreciating the County's capital assets.
Cash Disbursement/Payment Policy (Revised November 2006) (PDF)To clarify and more thoroughly disclose payments made to service providers and gain efficiencies.
County Investment Policy (Amended October 2020) (PDF)Ensure the preservation of capital while providing the highest investment return with maximum security, meeting the daily cash flow demands of the County.
Credit Card Policy (2014) (PDF)Define, authorize and regulate the use of a credit card, and to establish procedures for utilizing the credit card.
Fund Balance Classification Policy (November 2011) (PDF)Policy to address the requirements of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statement No. 54.
Petty Cash Policy (March 2011) (PDF)Establish a Petty Cash Policy for the County of Clinton.
Purchasing Policy (June 2002) (PDF)Establish procedures for the purchase of all supplies, equipment, vehicles, services and all construction or altering of County facilities.


Employee Personnel Policy Manual (PDF) Covers benefits and other personnel items for non-union employees.
Enhanced Access Policy (August 2003) (PDF) Establishing definitions and operational provisions for enhanced access to public records.
Fuel Card Policy (2014) (PDF) The purpose of this policy is to allow the County to monitor fuel usage in county owned vehicles/equipment
Travel and Conference Reimbursement (Amended June 2022) (PDF) Establishes guidelines to reimburse Clinton County officials and employees for travel expenses incurred as a result of their official duties
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy (January 2002) (PDF) To ensure equal employment opportunity in practice at all levels of Clinton County.
Fair Housing Policy (July 2002) (PDF) Establishes that persons are not to be discriminated against in employment, housing or publicly funded programs.
Policy of Waste Reduction in County Offices (May 1995) (PDF) Recycling, disposal, procurement of environmentally responsible products.
Waste Management Fund Balance Policy (June 1999) (PDF) Must maintain a fund balance to meet its obligations.