Unsupervised Administration

How to Request

Formal proceedings are commenced by filing PC 559-Petition for Probate and/or Appointment of Personal representative (Testate/Intestate) (PDF) and other related papers. After either a court hearing with proper notice to all interested persons or upon filing Waiver and Consents from all interested persons, the probate court may admit a will, determine the heirs of the deceased, and appoint a personal representative.

Once the personal representative is appointed, they qualify to act by filing PC 571-Acceptance of Appointment (PDF) and any required bond. The personal representative will proceed with unsupervised administration until the estate is ready to be closed. A petition for a formal proceeding on any aspect of administration may be filed at any point. A judge then enters any applicable orders after either a court hearing with proper notice or upon filing of Waivers and Consents.