Probate Fees

Types of Fees

Guardianship Petitions
Conservatorship Petitions $187**
Protective Order $175
Deceased Estate $175 plus inventory fee*
Guardianship for Developmentally Disabled Individual No Fee
Petitions for Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment No Fee
Supervision of Trust $175
24,000 Small Estate $25 plus inventory fee*
and $12 certification fee
Will filed for Safekeeping $25
Registration of Trusts $25
Subsequent Petitions, Motions, Objections $20
Accounts $20
Claims $20
Civil Actions $175
Letters of Authority $12
Certified Documents $10 Certification fee
$1 each page
Copy Fee $1 each page

  • *Inventory fee is based on the gross value of the estate.
  • **Represents filing fee of $175 and certified letters fee of $12. The fees can be paid by cash, check or online.  Please make checks payable to:
    Clinton County Probate Court
    100 E State Street, Suite 4300
    St. Johns, MI  48879
  • Online Payment Probate Court

For More Information

For more information, please check out the Inventory Fee Calculator website.