Will Information

Will Held for Safekeeping

A testator can deposit a will with the court for safekeeping. The filing fee is $25. The will should be in a sealed envelope, with the testator’s full legal name, address, date of birth and last 4 digits of social security number. If the testator is having the will deposited by another individual, this information should also be on the outside of the envelope.

Wills are not public record while alive and are confidential during the lifetime of the testator.

Note: While a person is living it is not required to deposit a will with the court.

 Removal of a Will Held for Safekeeping

Wills held for Safekeeping are not public record if the testator is still alive. The will can only be removed with proper ID by the testator a designee. A testator can use form PC548 Authorization to Release Will Held for Safekeeping to assign a designee. The fee to deposit a new will is $25

 Will of a Deceased Individual

As required by law (MCL 700.2516) a Will should be filed in the county where the decedent lived upon their death. If an Estate is open through Probate Court, the will becomes part of the Estate file. If an estate is not opened, the will shall be deposited with the court along with a copy of the death certificate. There is no filing fee. 

If a copy of a will of a decedent is needed a copy of the death certificate must be presented to the court. The fees are as follows:

• Standard Copy $1 per page

• Certified Copy $1 per page plus $10 certification fee, per document

The Court accepts in-state checks, certified checks, money orders and credit cards. The Court does not accept out-of-state checks.