Will Information

To determine if the Probate Court has a will on file for someone, please follow these steps.

If a Will Is Not Admitted to a Probate Estate

The Court will check to see if a will has been filed for safekeeping when a death certificate is presented to the Court. The death certificate and a written request may be faxed, mailed or emailed to:
Clinton County Probate Court
Attn: Probate Register's Office
100  State Street
Suite 4300
St. Johns, MI 48879
Fax: 989-227-6565
E-Mail: probatecourt@clinton-county.org

If a Will was Filed by the Testator Prior to His/Her Death

If a will was filed by the testator prior to his/her death, and an estate has been opened in a Court other than the Clinton County Probate Court, and you would like this will transferred to that Court for admission to the estate, please email, fax or mail a letter of request and death certificate to the aforementioned contact.

If a Will was Admitted to a Probate Estate

If a will was admitted to a probate estate with the Clinton County Probate Court, and you would like to obtain a copy of the will, please call 989-224-5190 to make arrangements. The fees are as follows:
  • Standard Copy $1 per page
  • Certified Copy $1 per page plus $10 certification fee, per document
The Court accepts in-state checks, certified checks, money orders and credit cards. The Court does not accept out-of-state checks.

Fees for Wills and/or Codicils

If the person is living there will be a $25 filing fee. If the person is deceased, we will need a copy of the death certificate and there will be no filing fee.

Obtaining Own Will Filed with the Court

If you think your own will may be on file, the Court will check its records after you present photo identification.

If you are unable to come to the Court, you can authorize any other person to withdraw your will by completing form PC 548 Authorization to Release Will Held for Safekeeping. The person you name on the form can present this document to the Court and they will be given your will. Remember, only the person you authorized on the form can be given your will.