State & Local Solid Waste Laws

The Department of Waste Management (DWM) is the designated planning agency responsible for solid waste planning in Clinton County, as required by the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act of 1994, Part 115 Solid Waste Regulations. These responsibilities include the preparation of a Solid Waste Plan every 5 years. The Solid Waste Plan ensures that landfill disposal capacity is available to manage waste generated within the County, as well as, outlines various resource recovery activities to be implemented to divert the amount of waste going into area landfills.

The DWM is funded under a voluntary agreement with Granger, the owner of the two landfills located in Clinton County. The Landfill User Fee Agreement generates revenue for the DWM by assessing a $0.25 surcharge on every cubic yard of waste disposed of in either of Granger's landfills.

Goals & Objectives
The DWM's goals and objectives emphasize:
  • Facilitation and implementation of recycling services, including administration of special collection events for hard to manage materials
  • Education and outreach to County residents, private sector establishments, institutions and non-profit groups related to solid waste management issues
  • Maximizing waste reduction and diversion opportunities
  • Minimizing risk associated with the management of special wastes
  • Purchasing and using products containing recycled content