Composting Services

In 1995 the State of Michigan made it illegal to put yard waste debris such as leaves, grass, branches, brush, etc. in landfills. As a result residents must either participate in their community yard waste program, pay to place yard waste at the curb for pick up by a local waste hauler, or they could manage yard waste on their own property through composting or burning.

Community Collection Services
Depending on where one lives, Clinton County residents may have access to community collection services for yard waste generated items. These communities include: the City of DeWitt, the City of St. Johns, the Village of Maple Rapids, the Village of Ovid and the Village of Elsie. If a resident lives in one of these communities, they should contact them for more information on how to participate in their community services. Waste Haulers offering subscription based curbside waste collection may also pick up yard waste for a fee.
Backyard Burning
Often times if residents are allowed to burn yard waste debris, they must obtain a permit. Additional information is provided on managing yard waste through back yard burning.

Home Composting
A far better option is to manage yard waste debris through composting. It is inexpensive, and creates a valuable soil amendment that makes an excellent fertilizer for the garden or landscaping plants. Learn how to get started, including the right "recipe" to use, how to make your own bin, composting with worms, and more!

Compost Bins & Rain Barrels
The Delhi Township Public Service Department offers compost bins and rain barrels for sale year round at their facility located at 1492 Aurelius Road in Holt, Michigan. Please call for details, availability and pricing 517-699-3874. The Regional Recycling Coordinator Committee also sponsors an annual bin and barrel sale each spring. Please check our Current Events page for updated information.