Recycling Services

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Where to Recycle Everyday Materials

Clinton County residents and businesses have access to a number of drop-off recycling sites to manage "every day" recyclables such as clear and brown glass, metal cans, aluminum, plastics HDPE #2 and PETE #1, newspapers, office and household papers, brown paper bags, cardboard, magazines, boxboard and phone books. To locate a recycling site nearest you, view Where to Recycle in Clinton County. Residents may also use the drop down box below to access a flyer with additional information about a particular recycling site.

Details about each program can now be found in the report Clinton County Residential Recycling Options and Costs (PDF). This report lists current recycling programs within Clinton County, who operates the program and how the program is funded.

Where to Recycle Hard to Manage Materials

Clinton County and local site hosts offer programs to recycle a wide variety of hard to manage materials such as batteries, ink jet and toner cartridges, cell phones, etc. Special events are also held to mage items like hazardous waste, electronic waste items, bulky waste, appliances, tires, and more. For additional information please try the following:

Learn More About Recycling

Recycling is not only good for the environment and the conservation of natural resources, it also creates economic benefits for the state, local and even national economy. Learn more about recycling.

Recycling Guidelines by Location