Transient Merchants

Apply for the Transient Merchant License (PDF) with Clinton County.

Public Act 51 of 1925
MCL 445.371 Sec. 1.
As used in this act  (a) “Transient merchant” means any person, firm, association, or corporation engaging temporarily in a retail sale of goods, wares, or merchandise, in any place in this state and who, for the purpose of conducting business, occupies any lot, building, room, or structure of any kind.

MCL 445.372 Sec. 2.
It shall be unlawful for any person, either as principal or agent, to engage in business as a transient merchant in the state of Michigan without having first obtained a license in the manner herein provided.

MCL 445.373 Sec. 3.
Any person desiring to engage in a business shall make and file with the county treasurer of the county in which he or she intends to do business a written application stating the applicant's name, residence, federal taxpayer identification number, number of employees, state employer identification number, place where he or she intends to do business, and kind of business. A copy of the applicant's Michigan sales tax license shall be attached to the application, except for an applicant selling only food for human consumption as defined in section 4g of Act No. 167 of the Public Acts of 1933, being section 205.54g of the Michigan Compiled Laws. If the applicant is acting as agent for another person, the applicant shall cause to be filed with the county treasurer a power of attorney appointing the county treasurer the agent of the principal on whom service of process may be made in any suit commenced against the principal.

The applicant shall at the same time deposit $500 with the county treasurer, or file a surety company bond for that amount. The applicant shall also pay the county treasurer a $25 license fee. Upon receiving the fees, the county treasurer shall issue to the applicant the license if satisfied that the business to be conducted by the person is not intended to cheat or defraud the public. A license issued under this section shall expire on the December 31 after its issuance. Not more than 10 days after issuing a license, the county treasurer shall send a copy of the license and the completed application to the state treasurer. The license shall be displayed in full view at the place of business.