Dog Licenses

License Application

Apply for your 2024 Dog License (PDF) today.


2024 Licensing Information

A 2024 Dog License Renewal Notice will be mailed 45 days prior to the expiration date of the previous dog license. The 2024 dog license will become delinquent if not purchased by the last day of that month.

The expiration date of the dog license corresponds to the month in which the rabies vaccination occurred.

Special Notes

  • The renewal notice is sent as a courtesy by our office.  Failure to receive the notice does not relieve a dog owner of their responsibility to purchase a dog license prior to the expiration date stated on the previous dog license.

Vaccination & Licensing Requirements

All dogs 4 months and older are required by Michigan State Law to be licensed and vaccinated for rabies. The vaccine must be licensed by the United States department of agriculture and signed by an accredited veterinarian. Dog licenses may only be purchased in the Clinton County Treasurer's Office. Please provide proof of a valid rabies vaccination and neuter certificate, if applicable.


*To purchase a 3-year license, the rabies vaccination must have occurred in 2024 and must be valid through 2027.
Type 1-Year License
3-Year License*
4 - 5 Month Old Puppy
$10 N/A
Neutered / Spayed
$10 $25
Male / Female
$15 $40

Delinquent Dog Licenses

Dog licenses are delinquent if not purchased prior to the expiration date of the previously issued dog license. The cost with penalty will increase to $45 for a 1-year license and will be prorated for a 3-year license. Upon issuance of a ticket, court costs of $135 (with proof of license) or $235 (without a license) will be incurred.

Non-Delinquent Circumstances

Licenses are considered non-delinquent in the following circumstances:
  • Newly purchased or acquired dogs
  • A puppy attaining 4 months of age
  • A new resident of Clinton County, Michigan

New Licenses

New licenses must be purchased within thirty days to qualify. For more information regarding dog licenses, please contact the Clinton County Treasurer's office at 989-224-5280 or toll-free within the county, 888-224-2450 (press option 8 when the message begins).

Licenses by Mail

Licenses are available through the mail. You must submit your check or money order, rabies vaccination certificate, proof of neutering (if applicable), and application form. All information will be returned to you along with your new license.

Please make checks payable and mail to:
Clinton County Treasurer
100 E State Street
Suite 2400
St. Johns, MI 48879-1571

Checks are accepted only as conditional payment. Additional fees are charged for all returned checks.

Licenses Online

To pay for your dog license online, please visit the Online Payments page.
Please email your documentation: application or renewal notice, rabies vaccination certificate, proof of neutering (if applicable) to

The Clinton County Treasurer’s Office does not honor postmark date as the date of payment. To be considered timely, payments will need to be received in the office of the Clinton County Treasurer by 5 p.m.

Kennel Licenses

Contact Animal Control at 989-224-5116 for kennel license information.