Drain Use Permits

Drain Use Permits

A Drain Use Permit is required whenever working within the drain, or drain easements. Examples of activities requiring a permit include, but are not limited to: cleaning out, or dredging the drain, installing or replacing culvert crossings, and adding discharge pipes to the drain.

The Drain Use Permit form must be completely filled out and accompanied with the detailed plan or sketch outlining the proposed activity, a copy of the contractor's insurance certificate naming the Drain Commissioner and the drainage district as additionally insured, and the corresponding fee for service. Your application will not be processed without the required information.  Electronic payments may be submitted here: https://allpaid.com/plc/a005uu.

Anyone working within the legal right-of-way of an established county drain under the Drain Commissioner's jurisdiction needs a permit. The purpose of the permit process is to protect the drainage districts from activities that could be a detriment to the drain and add cost to that district in the future. This permit is under the authority of the Drain Code, Act 40 of1956 Michigan and the Clinton County Board of Commissioners by resolution.

Culvert Siting Approval

All culverts must be proper size and material set at the established drain bottom. New or approved materials to be used only. The Drain Commissioner shall set the size of the culvert, tile or pipe to be used.

Drain Use Permit Fees

Type Fee
Crossing Permit - Commercial and Utility (includes up to 10 drain interactions, additional $50/ea. after 10)

$500 *
Crossing Permit - Residential and Agricultural
Easement Occupation Permit $450 *
Culvert Siting Approval $500
* = Extenuating Situation (For more involved projects, certain services subject to additional fee based on actual effort expended)