Research Hours

  • Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • Closed Noon - 1 p.m.

Limited space is available in the office for research, however we will make every attempt to accommodate our researchers.

If you are unable to search onsite, the County Clerk's Office will conduct a search for you.

Searches conducted by the Clerks Office are $15 per name for a 3 year search. If record is found, a certified copy will be provided, if no record is found the fee is kept for the research.

Written requests, including name, date of record and appropriate fee may be sent to:

Clinton County Clerk

100 E State Street

Suite 2600

St. Johns, MI 48879

Phone: 989-224-5140

Clinton County Historic Records

Onsite research available at no charge:

  • Death Records - 1867 - Present
  • Marriage Records - 1837 - Present

Birth Records - 1867 - Present

Only available when records are 100 years old or more, to any applicant. A Birth record that is less than 100 years old can only be obtained by an heir with proof of death. Only certified copies can be purchased.

Notice of Restricted Access

Pursuant to the Michigan Department of Public Health/Office of Vital Records Administrative Rule R325.3234, Subrule 4, a local registrar has the authority to restrict access to records or indexes, which are determined to be in such a state of deterioration that public use of the index or document may result in damage to the record or index. The Clinton County Clerk and/or staff may at anytime restrict access to certain records according to this rule.

Copies of Records/Fees

Certified copies of records are $15 for the first  copy and $5 for each additional copies purchased at the same time. Cash, check or money order payable to Clinton County Clerk.

State Archives Historic Records

The State Archives has a large collection of historic Michigan death certificates uploaded to their web site for open access by the general public. This was allowed to be accomplished under Public Act 73 of 2006. The site includes 2.5 million death records over the years of 1921 through 1939. The site also has searchable indexes and documents for the years 1897 through 1920.

Any Clinton County Record you find researching on the Archivist's web site may be purchased from Clinton County.

Public Act 73 of 2006 opens vital records, as historic documents, to the State Library as well as to federal, state, local and other public or private entities. It also allows the state registrar to post these materials to the internet. The motivation for this change in policy was legislative interest in improving citizen access for historic and genealogical research.

The statute designates records of death, marriage and divorce reports as historic if filed for 75 or more years with birth records open after 100 years.

For More Information

For more information, visit the archivist's website.