Timing Requirements

Disturbed Areas
Disturbed areas must be seeded within 5 calendar days of achieving final grade or within 30 calendar days of substantial completion of the exterior of the building. (MDOT Rule 1709).

Maintenance Responsibilities
Maintenance responsibilities for SESC measures are a responsibility of both the landowner and builder during construction. Continued maintenance of permanent control measures shall be the responsibility of the property owner and shall become a part of any legal exchange. A Permit Transfer Form must be completed upon ownership transfer.

Construction Scheduling
Construction scheduling and practices may need to be altered in order to permanently stabilize a site within the permitted time frame.

New Residential Permits
New residential permits will expire 6 months after issue date.

Permit Extensions
An SESC permit must be extended if a site cannot be permanently stabilized before the permit expires. If a permit is not extended, the coverage will terminate when the permit expires, and all outside work must cease. A new permit application must be submitted with appropriate fees and sureties.

Final Inspections
Please contact the County Enforcing Agent to schedule final inspections at 989-224-5183. Random inspections will also be conducted during construction to assure steps are being taken to minimize soil erosion and to eliminate off site sedimentation.